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Do not miss these exciting games at ePLEX Connection City – A simplified view

Today in our blog we will explore about the ePLEX Connection City located in Pearl, MS. This place represents the future of family fun. Featuring competitive or casual gaming, along with world-class virtual reality, beer, wine, and snacks!

Experience virtual reality at ePLEX Connection City

With ePLEX, you can experience virtual reality wirelessly. Virtual reality systems like these offer amazing experiences you can’t get anywhere else. Virtual reality attractions are made possible by these systems.

Collaborate or Compete

With Wireless Vive Pro Headsets, the VR Studios ATOM is the best way to start your virtual world experience, and you can play against your friends, family, or other EPLEX players! It’s a virtual reality experience you can’t miss!

ePLEX Connection City: Atom experiences

Time Zombies

In this intense and thrilling multiplayer shooter, your heart will race and your adrenaline will pump. The goal is to shoot zombies from all angles as they swarm you from all directions.

Hoops Madness

In this highly competitive match-up, you will face off against a maximum of three friends. You will never want to play in the real world again once you’ve experienced all sorts of exciting arcade game modes that you can’t find anywhere else.

Terminal – 17

As a member of an extermination team, you’ll blast alien bugs from an orbital space station as you and your friends search for and eliminate them. Think you’re up to it?

Drone storm

In this futuristic citadel, you must defeat a flurry of hovering drones to prevent the city from being destroyed. Face the largest and most dangerous waves of the Drone storm in multiple waves!

Spring Board experiences at ePLEX Connection City

Beat Saber

As you fly towards the beats of adrenaline-pumping music in a virtual reality environment, you slash at them as they fly towards you.

Candy Kingdom

A fun candy shooting game for all ages, Magical Candy Kingdom utilizes various types of candy. A new king is needed for the Candy Kingdom. Would you like to be the new ruler? In order to defeat the army of cookies, you must destroy the enchanted candies. Achieve the King trophy by completing all levels.

Fantastic Contraption

A virtual reality building game. Using life-size devices as tall as you are able to, construct contraptions that will whirl, fling, and trundle across a floating island to find solutions to puzzles. Your creativity is important, so do not limit yourself to one or two solutions.

Types of gaming available at ePLEX Connection City

EPLEX offers both PC and console versions of the most popular games. Feel free to drop by the Discord server with any and all game suggestions.

Console gaming

It is possible to bring the whole squad and the entire game together with seven of each console! XBOX Game Pass or PS Now provide access to all the latest games, or you can log into your own account to access all of your personal content. Next-Gen Consoles are on the way.

PC gaming

Your games will run faster and have better performance when you use our gear. There are over 50 top-of-the-line HP OMEN Gaming PCs available for use in the ePLEX, which includes the latest PC hardware, as well as a blazing fast fiber optic network connection. Don’t miss out on these exciting gaming venues if you are planning a visit to Pearl, MS. Reserve your rooms at Fairfield today!

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