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Getting Ready For Pool Time– Fairfield by Marriot

When you're contemplating a leisurely getaway or a business excursion to Pearl, Mississippi, your hotel selection plays a pivotal role in ensuring a pleasant stay. A rejuvenating swim in the hotel's pool is a highly anticipated delight among the various amenities that excite numerous travelers. If your choice of accommodation is Fairfield, one of the best hotel rooms in Pearl, MS , you're in for a delightful surprise. Our pool presents the ideal setting for relaxation and enhancing your overall experience.  

Things To Consider 

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In this comprehensive guide, we'll discuss the key considerations to remember before you plunge into the pool at Fairfield, Pearl. This guide will ensure an enjoyable, hassle-free experience, from pool safety to etiquette and local regulations. 

1. Check Pool Hours & Rules  

Before you eagerly anticipate your pool session, you must acquaint yourself with the operating hours and any regulations the hotel enforces. Most hotels establish specific timeframes when the pool is accessible, and these hours can fluctuate. Furthermore, there may exist guidelines concerning the utilization of pool accessories, consumption of food and beverages, and various other considerations.  

2. Inspect Pool Cleanliness  

A clean pool is essential for your safety and comfort. Check the pool area for signs of cleanliness, including the water itself. There shouldn't be any trash or discoloration apparent in the water. Furthermore, the vicinity of the swimming pool must be cleaned and maintained. Make sure the pool is clear before utilizing it.  

3. Understand Pool Depth  

Comprehending the pool's depth is paramount, particularly when you have children. Collections often exhibit a range of depths, and it is imperative to be well-informed about the locations of shallower and deeper sections. Ensure that both you and your family clearly understand these depth discrepancies and implement the necessary safety measures. In most cases, hotel pools are equipped with depth markers, which are valuable for assessing the water's depth.  

4. Sunscreen and Hydration  

Extended exposure to the sun can pose risks to your skin. It is advisable to apply sunscreen with a substantial SPF rating before venturing into the pool and reapply it as necessary, particularly after your swimming activities. Remember to maintain adequate hydration by consuming ample water, as swimming tends to induce dehydration.  

5. Supervise Children  

When you are on a trip with kids, it is imperative to exercise vigilant supervision. Children should always have close oversight by the pool, not even for a brief moment. Furthermore, it would help if you acquainted your children with essential pool safety guidelines, including refraining from running near the pool and avoiding diving into shallow areas.  

6. Appropriate Swimwear  

Wear suitable swim attire when taking advantage of the hotel's pool facilities. Many hotels uphold specific dress codes prohibiting regular street clothing or non-swimming apparel within the pool precinct. Adhering to the correct swim attire not only aligns with the hotel's policies but also plays a pivotal role in upholding the overall cleanliness and hygiene of the pool.  

7. Shower Before Swimming  

It's a common courtesy and a matter of hygiene to shower before entering the pool. Showering helps remove sweat, sunscreen, and other substances from your skin, which can contribute to pool water contamination. Many hotels provide shower facilities in or near the pool area. 

8. Know Your Limits  

Swimming is undoubtedly a delightful and revitalizing pursuit, yet being well-acquainted with your swimming competencies and constraints is imperative. If you need more confidence in your swimming skills, it is prudent to confine your activities to shallower areas. Prioritizing safety is paramount, especially when you are in an unfamiliar pool – exercising caution is better than facing regrets.  

9. Respect Other Guests

Remember that you are part of a community of hotel guests who seek relaxation and a pleasant stay while using the pool. It is crucial to exhibit consideration for their comfort and space. Refrain from disruptive actions, including playing loud music or indulging in boisterous activities that could disconcert others. Moreover, exercise awareness of your noise levels, mainly if the pool area is near guest rooms. 

10. Consider The Weather  

Weather can impact your pool experience. Before heading to the pool, check the weather forecast. If there's a possibility of rain or storms, it might be best to delay your pool time. Lightning and heavy rain can pose a danger when in the water, so putting safety first is crucial.  

Marriot International: Facts & Stats

As per Statistica Marriott International, headquartered in the United States, is a worldwide hospitality corporation overseeing and franchising an extensive array of hotels and accommodation establishments. In 2022, Marriott International's hotels across various regions had an average daily rate (ADR) of approximately $203 globally. North America stood out as the region with the highest ADR, reaching roughly $243 USD.

Fairfield Pearl: Your Ideal Accommodation In Mississippi  

Fairfield by Marriott in Pearl, Mississippi, is your gateway to a comfortable and enjoyable stay. With a commitment to hospitality and a range of amenities, it's the perfect room booking option for leisure and business travelers. Let's explore what makes our luxury hotel a preferred destination:  

Feature    Description
1. Well-Appointed Rooms Comfortable and modern rooms with plush bedding and ergonomic workspaces.
2. Complimentary Breakfast Start your day with a complimentary breakfast that features a variety of options. 
3. Outdoor Pool A refreshing outdoor pool for relaxation and enjoyment. 
4. Fitness Center Stay active with the on-site fitness center equipped with the latest equipment. 
5. Business Services                 Business travelers can utilize the business center and free Wi-Fi. 
6. Great Location We are conveniently located near the Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport and attractions like the Outlets of Mississippi.


Maximizing Your Pool Experience  

Indulging in pool time while making room reservations at Fairfield, one of the luxurious hotels in Pearl, MS, gives an excellent opportunity to relax and fully savor your journey. By maintaining a keen awareness of safety, adhering to proper etiquette, and respecting local regulations, all while displaying consideration for fellow guests, you can guarantee a gratifying and unforgettable experience. Whether traveling with your family or embarking on a solo adventure, the hotel provides various amenities that caters to your needs.  

Visit us at:  

407 Riverwind Drive, Pearl, Mississippi 39208 USA  

+1 601-936-3434   







1. Which Is The Nearest Airport To Pearl, Mississippi?  

Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers is the nearest airport to Pearl.  

2. Are There Pet-Friendly Accommodations At Fairfield?  

No, the property does not have pet-friendly rooms.  

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