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Polish Your Swimming Pool Etiquettes With The Outdoor Pool At Fairfield By Marriott, Pearl, MS

Whether on a vacation or a business trip, a swimming pool is one critical component that secures your enjoyment. The serene, calming waves in the pool pull you closer to drown your worries and come out stress-free. Fairfield by Marriott is one of the best hotels with outdoor pool in Pearl, MS, where you can enjoy dipping in peaceful waters. So, make you next hotel room reservation Pearl,MS with us.  
Although swimming can impart tranquility, there can be ways other guests may ruin your experience. It can be frustrating when you're unwinding by the pool, and someone chooses to smoke in your face or run like there's no tomorrow (exception, kids). Therefore, knowing some fundamental etiquette before stepping into the pool area is critical.

Swimming Pool Guidelines To Obey In A Hotel 

Swimming pool guidelines)

When you're in one of the luxury hotels looking for a tranquil space by the pool, follow the directions below for a seamless experience: 

  • Keep Your Swimwear Light And Comfortable 

Your swimwear shouldn't be too heavy or made of cotton. It should be light, comfy, and seamless to carry around. Nylon or similar material swimwear is generally preferred when dipping in the pool. 
Also, you should consider the local culture and wear things that aren't offensive. If you experience irritation or burning in the eyes, carry water goggles.  

  • Thoroughly Cleanse Before Swimming 

Take a quick, deep rinse before dipping your toes in the water. Since the pool's cleanliness is in the guest's hands, entering clean to come out clean is better.  
After your swim, re-rinse to eliminate any possibility of infections. Some hotels may offer potassium permanganate solutions to clear your feet.  

  • Keep The Kids In Check 

Teaching kids pool etiquette beforehand would be best if you're entering the pool with them. Although children will act their age, familiarize them with common manners to maintain the decorum of the area. 
Having the kids go to the washroom beforehand is advisable so they don't do stuff in the pool. If you suspect their actions, get them to wear a diaper or plastic pants. 

  • Adhere To The Pool Timings  

The hotel you're staying at would have pool timings and other regulations mentioned explicitly. Giving these things your utmost attention is better to prevent issues.  
Utilize the pool only when it's open, and discuss your queries with lifeguards and pool staff. Inspect the depth markings and stay where you're comfortable.

  • Learn The Pool Guidelines 

Before you jump into the pool, check the hotel's "rules and regulations" chart. It might be plastered in the locker room or shower area.  
Reading and following these regulations throughout will offer you and the surrounding guests a hassle-free swim. 

  • Don't Forget Kindness In The Pool 

Don't use your legs or arms roughly when you're near other swimmers in the pool area. Further, clipping your toenails would help you prevent hurting other swimmers, even unknowingly.  
Dive into the pool when nobody's around, and don't splash strangers. If you must overtake a swimmer, always do it from the right. 

  • Don't Claim Lounge Chairs In Your Absence 

Don't claim a spot by leaving your valuables there if you're going for lunch or breakfast. Hotel professionals agree that laying towels, magazines, or a bag when you run to other things is not considerate.  
Other people may want a vacant spot, primarily when the entire area is hustling and bustling.  

  •  Maintain Short And Quiet Calls 

The pool area is where you go to calm your worries and relax. You wouldn't want someone to scream on their phone or attend a business meeting in a serene setting.  
Therefore, don't be that person; keep your calls brief at a low volume. If something urgent arises, leave the area and return after your call. 

  • Stay Moderate When Consuming Alcohol 

Getting tipsy near the pool area is common, but it shouldn't impact other's experience. Enjoying a refreshing alcoholic beverage is fine until you get out of control.  
The key here is to be responsible and consume things in moderation. Staying hydrated and fed with food in between will help you have an excellent experience.  

Fairfield By Marriott: Your Entryway To A Tropical Escapade 

Why choose us?

If you have your hotel booking in Fairfield, Pearl, you can stay assured of a refreshing, lavish experience. We have an open outdoor swimming pool for guests to unwind in style. After their rejuvenating escapade in the pool, they can return to their cozy room and avail themselves of the following amenities: 

  • Plush And Elegant Rooms 

Our rooms boast of comfiness and are a perfect spot to rest after a dip in the pool. The in-room features, furnishings, coffee maker, and more ensure the most peaceful retreat.  

  • Soothing Ambiance 

You'll find serenity and soothing vibes only at our premises. The outdoor pool will rejuvenate and recharge you for your remaining trip and room booking with us. 

  • Complimentary Breakfast 

After a refreshing night at the pool, the mornings will kickstart with a hot and fresh breakfast at our facility. From numerous options to pick from, you can tingle your tastebuds.  

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi Access 

After a fantastic day in the pool, you can return to the online world with our complimentary Wi-Fi access. We'd love for you to share your swimming retreat at our premises.  

An Enchanting Tropical Retreat 

At Fairfield, Pearl, one of the finest hotels with outdoor pool in Pearl, MS, you can ravish a relaxing water day. Following the basic pool etiquette mentioned in this blog, you and the people around you can have a mess-free retreat. Thus, staying considerate while swimming your worries away in a pool is critical. Further, accommodation at Fairfield offers an exceptional overall experience, making everything unforgettable. So, we welcome you to join us for a seamless swimming retreat.

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1. What are the check-in and check-out times in Fairfield Inn and Suites, Pearl? 

Guests can check into the Fairfield Hotel by 3 PM and check out by 12 noon.  

2. What else can we access near Fairfield, Pearl?  

The topmost tourist attraction spots near Fairfield are as follows: 

  1. Mac n Bones Golf & Grill 

  2. ePLEX Connection City 

  3. Cinemark Pearl and XD 

  4. Launch Trampoline Park Jackson 

These sites are accessible for your adventure and thrill near Fairfield, Pearl.  

3. What are the guest services offered by Fairfield Hotel? 

The guest services that we offer include the following: 

  1. Swimming Pool from 10 AM to 10 PM 

  2. 24/7 Business Center 

  3. Fitness Center from 6 AM to 10 PM 

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