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Power Cosmo Gaming with VR

VR Gaming illusion, coming close to the eyes, while making a spellbound effect on your mind’s thought pattern.

Fully immerse yourself within the gaming realms of VR, 1 of our 3 featured Escape Rooms, with a Virtual Reality headset! Our Escape Rooms are handpicked by our gaming team and offer the most immersive experience you could ask for.

Indulge your vision so high as if that could take you to the next gaming peak of superficial yet a reality stroke. Such is the mind-track rhythm of virtual reality gaming which spaces out the boredom by Wireless Pro Headsets, and Multi-Sporty Players. Imagine when 2-4 players are the spectator of the sport-plays, it takes you all over the 50+ to be ultra honest (Reality Gaming Zones).

Finally-VR Hits Sixer

In the southeast, the ePLEX Connection City is equipped with the VRStudios Atoms facilities. Do not dazzle over the top as you are already on with VR!! When you know that there are more than 55 Monitors all over the space (We mean in the space of the ePLEX Connection City). VR gaming will be going well with multi-players, but the real kick has to start with the trainers who will team up with you during the class-rich-fun sport.

Does VR match Space experience ??

The game leisure hours are well-powered with the SpringboardVR and single-player pods that steam up the energy even more. From cheering into the virtuality of the sporty acts, you also divulge in the outer realm of sports in the VR world.

All Direction Stimulator

The all-advanced Stimulator running all control systems of your gaming, alongside the super-tech Oculus S Headset, ePLEX Leaderboard is a gaming phase that none can compete with. Cars banging the screen virtuality with the hundreds of tracks with wild functions of the project cars is a bang on !!!

A blast of equipment spreading their smart range with the 4 VIVE Pro Headsets, with Vive Pro Controllers in playing with Individual player accounts and custom leaderboards is the top-notch ePLEX Connection city.

The OMG-Style Royal Suite

Heading nearest to the ePLEX Connection City! This suite chamber takes you primarily to the door of the royal-class. Try being in this space, and not a single thought can swipe away without Fairfield doing magic in your mind!

No matter how epic the cinema-time comes across, or the destination tour, finally we reside in the in-room space. The future and present itself ask for the staying security, otherwise the tour starts to lack the magic. Fairfield is such a space that refreshes the thought graph with the luxury occupancy of regal amenities, and the nicety of food classification done via the culture and taste paradigm in the best of the flavors. While all else is going at the perfect pace, how the staff-help can go unnoticed by you!!

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