10 Mistakes to Avoid When Redeeming Airline Miles

Ignoring blackout dates and restricted availability: Many flights have award seat blackout dates, so plan your journey accordingly.

Booking too close to travel: Award seats may become scarcer. Award flights should be booked early for the best selection.

If your preferred airline or route is unavailable, explore other airlines or routes that may have greater availability or fewer miles.

Ignoring fees and taxes: Sometimes taxes, fees, and surcharges apply to flights booked with miles. These fees may dramatically affect the value of your miles.

Transferring points without checking transfer ratios: Some credit card reward programs accept airline loyalty program transfers.

Forgetting to check for promotions or discounts: Airlines sometimes give award flight discounts. Check these deals to optimize mile value.

Not comprehending the airline's award chart: Each airline has an award chart with mile requirements for routes and classes. 

Letting miles expire: Miles expire. Keep track of your mile expiration dates and earn or redeem miles to avoid losing them.

Using miles for merchandise, gift cards, or other non-travel options is generally less valuable than using them for flights. Before redeeming miles

Failure to read the fine print: Always read the miles or award flight terms and conditions before booking.

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