12 Uber Cool Ways To Style Your Micro Braids

1. Red Micro Braids

While natural hair colors are most popular, it doesn't hurt to have some fun with bright colors. 

2. Dual-Toned Micro Braids

 If you want to spice up your micro braids with pink and purple, this hairdo is for you.

3. Ombre Micro Braids

Micro braids look great in high ponytails. Make those braids stand out with brilliant colors and ombre.

4. Cool Toned Micro Braids Cat Ear Buns

Since watching Disney’s insanely popular movie Frozen, all I’ve wanted is to give off the same cool toned vibes as Queen Elsa.

5. Emerald Green Micro Braids Half Knot

This black and emerald green two-toned style looks like something a king or queen would wear.

6. Jet Black Micro Braids

No problem! If you truly believe that less is more, then you have to check out this simple micro braids style.

7. Curly Micro Braids

Isn't it weird to even consider using a hot tool on a protective style? But, you won't believe it, you can do it!

9. Accented Micro Braids  

. She is a very skilled actress, and her last name is the coolest ever. She also has the most beautiful micro braids in Hollywood.

10. Micro Braids Undercut

Then here’s a simple solution for you! Just invest in some blonde hair extensions to make your dreams come tru

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