6 Features Threads Needs to Be a Twitter-Killer

Threads, a Twitter competitor to Meta, has joined the ranks of applications seeking to capitalize on Twitter's waning popularity. 

Threads enable users to post brief text, image, and video updates to their subscribers. It is comparable to Twitter and has the potential to displace it as a microblogging platform.

However, Threads lacks some fundamental features that could make it more competitive with Twitter. Here are six features that Threads should implement in order to compete with Twitter.

1. Hashtags

The hashtag is one of the most recognizable features of Twitter. Hashtags enable users to classify their posts and make them discoverable by others interested in the same subject matter.

2. Trends

Trends are another Twitter feature that is absent from Threads. Trends provide a real-time snapshot of the most discussed topics on Twitter at any given time.

3. Direct Messages

In addition to facilitating private conversations, direct messages are a valuable channel for sharing online content with contacts.

4. Live Audio

Live audio is another feature that Threads needs to match Twitter. Clubhouse introduced it to the globe, and now users can't get enough.

5. Allowing Sign-Ups From Non-Instagram Users

To use Threads, users must have an Instagram account, which is one of the app's most significant drawbacks.

6. Decoupling From Instagram

In its present state, Thread resembles Facebook Messenger in 2011 in that it is merely an extension of another app. The Threads app's reliance on Instagram is excessive.