8 Subtle Signs of a Fake Friend

1. Inconsistent support

Fake friends may only help you when it is convenient for them or when they require it. They may not provide constant emotional support 

2. Conditional friendship

It's a red sign if someone only wants to be your buddy when it benefits them or when you can provide them something.

3. Lack of empathy

When you are going through a difficult situation, fake buddies may not offer genuine concern or compassion.

4. Gossip and betrayal

If someone constantly gossips about others in front of you, it's very probable that they'll gossip about you behind your back as well.

5. One-sided relationships

Healthy friendships entail reciprocal give and take, whereas fraudulent friends make everything about themselves.

6. Jealousy and competition

Fake friends may feel intimidated by your accomplishment and attempt to minimize it. They may be jealous of you.

7. Lack of respect and boundaries

False friends may frequently violate lines or make you feel uncomfortable. They might belittle your principles, views, or personal space.

8. Absence during tough times

When you are going through difficult circumstances, phony pals may be nowhere to be found. They may avoid offering help or a listening ear when you most need it.