9 Places Women Always Want To Avoid When Going On a Date

Inviting someone over or being invited on a first date can be too intimate and might raise safety concerns.

1. Their Home

While casual can be fun, overly noisy or grimy bars might not set the best first impression.

2. Dive Bars

Meeting the family too soon can be overwhelming and might put unnecessary pressure on the date.

3. Family Gatherings

Running into an ex can be awkward. It's best to avoid places where there's a high chance of that happening.

4. Ex's Hangout Spots

Safety first! Remote or isolated spots might not be the best choice, especially for a first date.

5. Secluded Areas

While adventure can be exciting, extreme activities like skydiving might be too much for a first date.

6. Extreme Adventure Locations

Mixing professional and personal lives right off the bat can be tricky and might not set the right mood.

7. Workplaces

Over-the-top places can set high expectations and might make one party feel obligated or under pressure.

8. Very Expensive Restaurants

While they're quick and easy, such spots might come off as not putting much thought into the date.

9. Fast Food Chains

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