Battle of the Italian Chicken Sandwiches: Wendy's vs. Burger King

Restaurant menus are featuring nostalgia and familiar flavors, and trend projections predict more of that in 2023. Which better suits the

bill than nonna's culinary flavors and smells? Who doesn't like brick red herby tomato sauce over crispy chicken cutlets with creamy mozzarella?

Burger King and Wendy's introduced Italian chicken sandwiches with Chicken Parmesan flavors at the same time, so I tried them.

I compared the two foods' appearance, taste, and price and chose the one for your lunch break.

Full transparency, I tried Wendy's Italian Mozzarella Chicken sandwich the day it debuted. It was the greatest of the four new Wendy's

offerings, so I was ready to taste it. It has a large herby bread, a crispy chicken breast, and—the best part—a fried mozzarella patty in the middle. The sandwich looks excellent.

Burger King's Italian Royal Crispy Chicken is smaller and cheaper, but it contains a glossy brioche bun, breaded chicken cutlet, tomato sauce

Wendy's appearance wins handily, but as you'll see, book covers are hard.

The Wendy's chicken sandwich is big and hard to eat. A lot of sandwich isn't always excellent. The huge bun, breaded chicken, and cheese pack

a lot of carbs into one bite. Sauce is insufficient to moisten this massive sandwich. The mozzarella patty would be better if it were hot, but most people order to-go

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