Burger King Is Now Offering 3 Exciting New Breakfast Sandwiches

Burger King has flame-grilled its burgers since 1954, and now it's adding another item to its menu. Whopper began testing a new morning sandwich 

Burger King's Breakfast Grill'wich Sandwich, available at selected restaurants for a limited time, has flame-grilled flatbread, fluffy eggs,

melted American cheese, and bacon, sausage, or Black Forest ham. Before trying this new sandwich at the drive-thru,

Burger King's Mix N' Match meals, which feature two participating menu items for $4 or $5, will include its latest breakfast innovation. 

New Breakfast Grill'wich Sandwiches are available while supplies last. Burger King will decide whether to launch this breakfast option nationally 

Burger King introduced the flame-grilled breakfast sandwich a few months after trying the Smoky Maple Chicken Biscuit. At select Kansas

City and Orlando-Daytona Beach locations, a breaded white meat chicken patty with a smoky maple glaze was served on a warm buttermilk biscuit.

Burger King has introduced new nationwide options in addition to these breakfast sandwich tests. Last month, the fast-food company introduced 

The Have-sies debuted alongside Burger King's Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries. The new, limited-time menu item is ghost pepper-seasoned breaded 

Ghost Pepper Whoppers and Chicken Fries returned to menus. This limited-time menu item has a flame-grilled beef patty with spicy queso,

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