Essential Interior Design Advice For A Warm Winter House

Fuzzy shag carpeting makes all the difference. This interesting rug will warm up your bedroom or living area and make it seem homey.

Add Shag Rug

Home smells and sights can make a big difference. Natural aromatherapy and humidification are available from diffusers.

Seasonal Scents

A pleasant atmosphere and gorgeous light can be created using candles. Try clustering candles on a coffee table or adding winter-scented candles.

Include Candles

A wreath welcomes guests into a pleasant house. Autumn-themed decorations and holiday snowflakes and silver ribbons can be added.

Hang A Seasonal Wreath

Change to soft lighting to create a cozier winter nighttime atmosphere. Install warm LED lighting or outlet dimmer switches.

Use Softer Lighting

A lighter lamp shade may transform a winter house. Paper or linen lamp shades absorb light and add coziness.

Switch To Lighter Lamp Shades

Winter is about warmth and comfort, and throw pillows can quickly upgrade your lounge. Great for cuddling with hot chocolate.

Add Some Throw Pillows

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