Here's How To Keep Your Christmas Wreath Fresh

Are you like Ree Drummond? You'll only use real wreaths and trees for Christmas. How do you maintain a fresh wreath, 

Andy Hunter, wreathmaker and Lynch Creek Farm owner, advises choosing a wreath that is flexible and has a fresh, evergreen scent.

Also feel the needles. They should be delicate and green, not greyish.”

Shop at a Christmas tree farm, farmer's market, or wreath-making company for the freshest wreaths and other seasonal greenery.

These wreaths are manufactured shortly before they're sold, not two months ago like big box wreaths

Looking for more wreath-maintenance tips? Your needs are met! From hanging a wreath to choosing the ideal type,

 read on to learn how to keep your greenery looking gorgeous during the holidays. 

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Water helps keep your wreath fresh, just like your Christmas tree! Hunter says clipped ends of fresh greens absorb moisture.

Sprinkle the front and back with water every two to three days (or more often) to prolong their lives.

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