IndiGo To Ground More Than 30 Airbus A320s

IndiGo, India's largest airline, had been talking to Pratt & Whitney about the GTF engine problem's impact

on its fleet. The airline had anticipated the grounding of multiple planes, but now has an estimate.

IndiGo now knows how many planes it must withdraw for Pratt & Whitney GTF engine inspection. The airline expects the figure to be in

the mid-30s and that the grounding will occur in the fourth quarter of 2024, from January to April.

A preliminary assessment after P&W conversations led the airline to this number. The engine builder indicated 

earlier this year that the powder metal issue affecting its new GTF aviation engine could require the testing of 600–700 engines worldwide.

P&W's GTF engine troubles will ground the aircraft, adding to IndiGo's 40+ A320s out of service owing to

global supply chain issues. IndiGo may retire 80 planes in the first three months of next year.

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