LSU's Mulkey: Reese absent from team over "locker room issues"

Coach Kim Mulkey of LSU women's basketball is providing some explanation—albeit indirect—for All-American forward Angel Reese's recent absence from the team's contests.

Monday night in Baton Rouge, the Tigers defeated Texas Southern 106-47, and Reese was noticeably absent once more. Despite Reese missing her second consecutive game, they still prevailed.

Reese did not go to Hammond with the squad on Friday to play Southeastern. Mulkey benched Reese in the previous game (against Kent State).

Mulkey spoke about Reese's absence following the game. After the game on Monday night, Mulkey remarked, "You always have to deal with locker room issues."

It is merely a component of coaching. I cannot recall a single moment in my forty years that I was not faced with problems.

That is the role of coaches. You guys don't always know about them, but occasionally you do. There are moments when you have more questions than you should. I'm going to keep my players safe. Always.

Reese tweeted about her disappearance. In a Sunday tweet, Reese said, "Please don't believe everything you read."