Make A Cookie Wreath This Christmas

Christmas décor is an exception. Fine. You're perhaps competitive. However, your neighborhood's best outside lights show is the reason.

you can get snippy when someone says their cinnamon bun recipe is "the best" (unless it's Ree!). Have you tried hers? Wow!).

Well, what if we told you you can finally win the decorating game? That we'd found the best cake and decoration in one

Drumroll, please: Edible cookie wreath! You can win Christmas by making a cookie wreath and using DIY Christmas decorations.

 Joy Wilson, Ree's friend and Joy the Baker, does it in the newest Joy the Baker Magazine.

It sounds too good to be true. However, these tasty wreaths make great DIY Christmas gifts.—are real. 

If you don't consider yourself an artisan, think again. If you have some cookies and can draw a circle, you're good.

Every blogger and baker makes these colorful wreaths differently. Pina Bresciani suggests arranging the cookies in a circle 

 Others, like The DIY Mommy, utilize a thin cardboard backing and corn syrup-based icing to "glue" the cookies.

You can also use any cookies you have on hand: gingerbread, sugar cookie stars, thumbprint, sandwich, cowboy boot, etc.

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