People Are Eating Pineapple To Fall Asleep Faster

Social networking apps like TikTok regularly post trends, tips, and tricks. TikTok features a skincare program for lovely skin all winter, a new

fitness routine like the 3-2-8 workout to kickstart your weight loss, and techniques to fall asleep in minutes. The pineapple sleep hack, where

individuals consume pineapple before bed to fall asleep, is a recent #sleeptok fad. After reading about the trend, check out Drinking Lettuce Water

TikTok users love pineapple before bed to fall asleep faster. "Eating pineapple before bed helps me fall asleep faster and sleep so much

deeper," TikTok user Emma Leigh adds. TikToker Valerie Ribon, a qualified health coach, shares a video on how she achieves optimal

sleep. Pineapple after supper... Try coconut whipped cream." In another film, Ribon describes "high maintenance things for the best sleep" as

"WAY better than tart cherry juice." Ribon says, "Pineapples produce more melatonin than tart cherries and assist digestion and bloat.

Doctor @motivationaldoc on TikTok comments on the pineapple-before-bed craze. Melatonin, a hormone found in pineapples and

produced by the pineal gland in the brain, supports our circadian cycle. According to Dr. Mandell's video, eating pineapple before bedtime boosts melatonin levels 

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