Taco Bell's Most Popular Temporary Item Returns This Week

Taco Bell has announced that its beloved Nacho Fries will return this week, as we reported last month.

Last summer was our last chance to try Taco Bell's famous fries. They're creating another theatrical impression with a new fake movie trailer.

Fans suggested a time loop plot in this year's Fry Again, where the main character repeats the same day

Nacho Fries are Taco Bell's best-selling limited-time offering. The spicy Mexican spices and fiery nacho cheese dipping sauce on these crispy 

spuds make it simple to see why. They're returning as a naked base this year, unlike last year's stacked Taco-style.

Over 53 million orders were placed for the fries in 2018, the chain's most successful limited-time offer. More than 350 million pieces have been sold.

The fries will cost $1.49 each or $5.49 in a Nacho Fries Box with a Beefy 5-layer Burrito, Crunchy Taco, and medium fountain drink. Between March 

24 and 26, Rewards Members may get them for free with a $1 purchase on the chain's mobile app. They'll receive early

access to the fries through the app today, and the rest of the country will get them in stores and online on March 10.

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