This Basic Brain Trick Improves Memory And Learning

In the curious—or interrogative—group, researchers advised them to pretend to walk through the virtual museum to plot a theft.

Curious Group

Participants played the virtual heist after learning the backstories. Each individual could explore a museum with four colored doors and paintings with their values behind them.

The Museum Heist

When they found a room with valuable paintings, players may win real money.

Inside The Museum

Sinclair said that a curious attitude may be better for showing someone the long-term effects of lifestyle changes.

The Curious Approach

Maybe you need to make them inquisitive so they can remember that knowledge.

Information Retention

The researchers concluded that pre-learning motivational manipulation can bias learning and memory, affecting education, behavior change, clinical interventions, and communication.

Motivational Manipulation 

The interested (interrogative) group was better at recognizing all museum paintings and remembering their total worth, even if they were low-value.

Recognition Of Paintings

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